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Redwoods Share REAL Truth about Community…. 

The Redwood National Park located in Northern California houses giant trees that live 2000 years, weigh 500 tons and reach over 350 feet high.  The root system of the redwood tree is surprisingly very shallow, considering the great height the mature tree attains.   Most roots become superficial and rise above the ground where sunlight will destroy them, weakening the tree to point of death.  One way in which the trees are able to remain upright is by growing close together intermingling their root systems, crowding together in a typical grove community effect. As a result, they hold each other up!  This amazing phenomenon was explained to me by a friend, Trina Pocket, I recently met while at a training class.  She is a native of Northern California and energetic proponent of Christian Community.  The story she shared really enlightened me to realize the importance of community and how we can LOOK to God’s creation to endorse and support everything we learn as Christians, from His Word.

Do you have friends to connect with? 

Ecclesiastes 4:9  (NIV) 

“Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work”  

Ecclesiastes 4:12 (NLT)

  “ A person standing alone can be attacked and defeated, but two can stand back-to-back and conquer”.   

The writer of Ecclesiastes paints a depressing picture of someone who strives to gain the whole world alone, then asks, “Who am I working for? The writer concludes, “It is all so meaningless and depressing”

Ecclesiastes 4:8

How much better it is to go through life with a strong network of support to share trials and triumphs? You soon realize that you’re not alone. And somehow, when we stand together, life’s challenges aren’t so daunting anymore.

Jesus talked about the kingdom of God more than 70 times in the New Testament – more often than He mentioned salvation. While salvation is part of bringing the kingdom of God on earth, it includes much more.  COMMUNITY.  When the Gospel of the Kingdom comes into a life and community, everything in its wake is transformed.

How might God want you to be the catalyst bringing the entire Gospel of the Kingdom into the lives and communities you are called to influence?

Ecclesiastes 4:12  (The Message)
 “By yourself you’re unprotected.    With a friend you can face the worst.    Can you round up a third?
   A three-stranded rope isn’t easily snapped”.

Christian community is built around shared experience of the gospel. Always beginning with God, giving a means of transforming our lives into the image of His Son.  Community is not merely a tool for growth, but a gift from God for our joy as well as for our good.  We all need community to hold us UP when we cannot hold ourselves… much like the Redwoods.

Praying for you!









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